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Permit application
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People's Republic of China entry plant and animal quarantine permit process

According to the Measures for the Administration of Examination and Approval of Entry Plant and Animal Quarantine:

Article 4 The unit applying for quarantine examination and approval (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) shall be an entity with independent legal personality and directly sign a trade contract or agreement with foreign countries。
The application units for transit animals and transit genetically modified products shall be entities with independent legal personality and directly sign trade contracts or agreements with foreign countries or their agents。
Article 5 An applicant shall, before signing a trade contract or agreement, apply to the examining and approving authority and obtain a quarantine License。
Transit animals or transit genetically modified products shall, before transit, apply to the AQSIQ and obtain a Quarantine Permit.。
Article 6 The application unit shall truthfully fill out and submit the Application Form for Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Application Form for Quarantine Permit) in accordance with the provisions,It requires a preliminary review,The preliminary examination organ of the port of entry shall conduct the preliminary examination;Goods whose place of processing and use is not within the jurisdiction of the preliminary examination institution of the port of entry,If necessary, it should be reviewed by the local preliminary examination institution。
The applicant shall provide the following materials to the preliminary examination institution:
(1) The applicant's legal person qualification certificate (photocopy);
(2) If the imported animals need to be quarantined in the temporary quarantine field, the Application Form for the Permit of the Temporary Quarantine Field for Imported Animals shall be filled in;
(3) If the imported animal meat, viscera, casing, raw hair (including feathers), raw skin, raw bone, horn, hooves, cocoon and aquatic products are produced, processed and stored by designated enterprises announced by AQSIQ, the applicant shall provide the production, processing and storage contract signed with the designated enterprises;
(4) For the entry animal and plant products that can be written off in accordance with the regulations, the same applicant shall, when applying for the second time, attach the previous quarantine Permit (including the cancellation form) in accordance with the relevant provisions;
(5) The transit route of animals shall be explained, and the animal health certificate (photocopy) issued by the official quarantine department of the exporting country or region and the certificate of permission for animals to enter the country or region issued by the official quarantine department of the importing country or region shall be provided;
(6) Where, due to special needs such as scientific research, substances prohibited from entering or exiting the country as listed in paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Animal and Plant Quarantine Law are introduced, a written application must be submitted to explain their quantity, use, mode of introduction, epidemic prevention measures after entry, project approval report for scientific research and project approval documents issued by the relevant competent authorities;
(7) Other materials to be provided。

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