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Import and export agent
Import and export agent
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Import and export trade agency

First you need to transport the goods to the warehouse at the port of export。Probably Qingdao, Shanghai, wherever it is, this is the first step。

Second, you need to book the shipping space, check the ship dynamics, and decide on the date of shipment。

第三,订舱After, need before shipment3Day, the goods will be shipped to the designated port, at the same time, let the commodity inspection sample for inspection。

Fourth, pre-entry in customs。

Fifth, wait for all the other goods on the same ship to be loaded, the customs will give you an indication whether your goods are consistent with your pre-entered or not。

Sixth, you'll get the captain's signature when the ship sails提单了。

Seventh, go back to the commodity inspection unit, take back the commodity inspection report, certificate of origin

Eighth, go back to the unit and make a full set of exports单据, invoice, packing list, etc。Format in the practice of foreign trade, there is no way to give you a picture here, just look at it

Ninth, to the bank to submit a full set of documents, after the bank application, sent to the foreign bank, the foreign bank will notify the customer, within three days, the customer will reply to the redemption or return。

Tenth, if there is no problem, you can collect the remittance。

Eleventh, after the receipt of foreign exchange, the external management for verification, at the tax bureau退税手续。


First of all, import and export trade agentsSole agencyIt refers to those who enjoy the sale of designated commodities in a specific area and within a specific periodExclusive rightAt the same time, they shall not sell the same kind of goods from other sources。Secondly, the general agent in the import and export trade agency is also known as commission agent, which means that in the same region and during the same period, the principal can select multiple customers as agents, and pay commission according to the actual amount of the goods sold, or pay commission according to the method and percentage specified in the agreement。China's export business, the use of such agents more。Finally, the general agent in the import and export trade agency is the plenipotentiary representative of the principal in a specific region and a certain period of time。In addition to the right to sign sales contracts on behalf of the client, handling goods and other business activities, can also carry out some non-commercial activities, and such import and export trade agents have the right to appoint sub-agents, and can enjoy the commission of the agent。

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