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Customs declaration and inspection
Customs declaration and inspection
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Customs declaration and inspection

Customs declaration, simple understanding is to declare the goods to the customs, its competent agency is the customs;

Inspection, straightforward understanding is to declare the goods to the inspection and Quarantine Bureau, its competent agency is the inspection and Quarantine Bureau。

Generally speaking, the inspection is prior to customs declaration, only after the inspection department is completed and confirmed, the customs will accept the application for customs declaration, and after that, it is the measures such as inspection and taxation release。Of course, in the actual work, not all export commodities need to go through the inspection, generally only some of the goods that need to be inspected by the state must go through the inspection, but all import and export commodities need to be declared。

Under normal circumstances, the first inspection is completed, and after the commodity inspection department confirms that it is correct, the customs will accept the customs declaration application of the owner, and then a series of procedures such as examination and release。However, in practical application, not all goods need to be inspected, only some countries clearly stipulate that the goods must be inspected, but all imports and exports of goods must be declared, this is beyond doubt。

Just said that not all goods need to be inspected, so you can find that customs declaration and inspection areTwo links that do not affect each other will not affect the other because they do not operate one link。However, in the actual import and export, if it is clearly stipulated that the inspection is required, the application is generally completed at the same time to avoid deviation。

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